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The success of first savedroid ICO sale

Savedroid is a crypto simplifier token offering firm. The ICO (Initial Coin Offering) sale for the same is already open and its first goal was achieved very quickly. The primary sale for savedroid was recently started.

Savedroid reports that it has already sold 1 billion tokens. In fact, within 24 hours, 2 billion tokens of savedroid were sold. The firm is on its path of becoming the most flourishing ICOs in Germany. With the sale of over 2 billion tokens, the Fintech firm based in Frankfurt is very happy.

Since savedroid has already raised double-digit million euros within one or two hours of its primary sale, the company anticipates a lot from its ICO, which will run till 9th March. Overall, the firm has kept aside 6 billion tokens for sale, which means 1/3rd of the hard cap has already been sold.

Even though the standard excitement for Bitcoin and Co. has already dropped, the demand for savedroid tokens is quite lofty. This depicts the company’s high-quality as well as the charisma of its business model. Moreover, the savedroid community comprises over 35,000 Telegram members. Comparatively, it was really hard for other German ICOs.

Dr. Yassin Hankir, the CEO of savedroid says that they are quite delighted of how well the main sale of savedroid went. He thanks the company’s strong community. Plus, he also acknowledges the hard work of his whole team and says that this is a reward for everyone involved with this project and the company.

In its ICO program, over 15,000 people have participated till now and the average purchasing volume is around 130,000 savedroid tokens. Most of the buyers were from Germany as well as other European nations. Nevertheless, the demand for the savedroid tokens was immense from Asia as well.

Savedroid Referral Bounty

The community can also take advantage of the bonus tokens in its primary sale. These bonus tokens are known as Referral Bounty. As the name indicates, the company offers a bonus of 5% for each of the savedroid token that you refer to your friends and family.

In order to get this bonus, you just need to register on the official website of savedroid and login to your account. When you enter your savedroid account, you’ll notice a heading called Referral Bounty. Within this, you’ll see a personalized link.

You just have to copy this link and then send it to the people you know, like your friends, acquaintances, etc. Plus, you can also share the link on your social media accounts, for instance, you can post a report on the ICO sale of savedroid.

The token sale’s great success is a good reason that you must tell everyone about it and benefit from it. And, when someone makes use of the personalized link send by you and participates in the main sale of savedroid, then you automatically get a 5% bonus of the savedroid tokens bought by your referred person.

So, for instance, if someone purchases 10,000 savedroid tokens via your personalized link, then your savedroid account gets credited with 500 bonus savedroid tokens after the transaction process is finished. So, this how you can get a bonus for savedroid tokens.


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